Hypercar Racing Class Gets New Entry From Notable Hypercar Manufacturer Peugeot

Hypercar Racing Class Gets New Entry From Notable Hypercar Manufacturer Peugeot
Peugeot didn’t give us a concept of what this Le Mans car might look like, so the best we have to go on is its 2017 Vision Gran Turismo car. Image: Peugeot

GT1-style racing is making a comeback at the iconic French sports car race, Le Mans, for its 2020/2021 season, and we highly anticipate entries from Aston Martin, Toyota, and now that hypercar manufacturer we all know and love… Peugeot.

The news comes, of course, from Twitter. Finally, the site is good for something:

Alright so recent-FCA-mergerer Peugeot may not have ever put a hypercar into production, but it does have an impressive motorsports history, managing to beat the colossus that was Audi at Le Mans during the diesel era, completely wrecking everyone else’s shit during the storied Group B rally era, and uh, well, it also dominated in a bunch of other random race events with little competition. It obliterated a Pike Peak record and did really well in long-distance rallye raid competition in the 1990s! That’s cool!

The 908 that beat the Audis in 2009 was an entertaining car to root for, as it was often faster than the Audis over a single lap, but only in one year did it hold together enough to win. It was less emotive as a car in and of itself, though, as it sounded like a vacuum cleaner:

The 905 that won Le Mans at the tail end of the Group C era was the really charming contender, with the V10 wail of an F1 car:

In any case, we welcome Peugeot to the hypercar class and hope that many more manufacturers join. Ford, McLaren, and Mercedes will all look bad if they’re too afraid to go up against Scuderia Glickenhaus.