How To Watch Tesla’s Cybertruck Reveal Today In Australia

How To Watch Tesla’s Cybertruck Reveal Today In Australia

Over a year ago Elon Musk revealed that Tesla was working on an electric pick up truck.

Details have been scarce, but the CEO revealed that it will be super futuristic and partially inspired by Blade Runner. In fact, his love of the film is also why November 21 (U.S. time) was chosen as the reveal date.

Well, that day has come and this is how and when you can watch the new vehicle be unleashed on the world.

Musk has stated in numerous interviews that he wants the truck, code named Cybertruck, to be more functional than a traditional Ford F-150, as well as far more futuristic.

“Well I can’t talk about the details, but it’s gonna be like a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, Blade Runner pickup truck. It’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be amazing. This will be heart-stopping. It stops my heart. It’s like, oh, it’s great,” he said in an interview with Recode.

He’s also said that it could be bulletproof and look like an armoured personnel character reminiscent of those seen in sci-fi films.

“You know, I actually don’t know if a lot of people will buy this pickup truck or not, but I don’t care,” he said in the same interview.

While reiterating that he does in fact care as the company wants to get diesel trucks off the road, he said if the Cybertruck doesn’t sell Tesla may just make a more conventional truck. For him, this vehicle is seemingly more of a passion project.

Fortunately, the time for speculation is almost over, as Musk will be revealing the electric truck in just a few hours.

The event is due to kick off at 3pm AEDT, 2:30pm ACDT, 2pm AEST, 1:30pm ACST and 11:00am AWST.

You can watch live on the Tesla website, and there will most likely be a reording uploaded to YouTube later, as per past broadcasts.