Henry Cavill Is Not Ready To Give Up On Superman

Henry Cavill Is Not Ready To Give Up On Superman

Everybody’s been saying it: Henry Cavill is no longer Superman. The one person who hasn’t said that, though, is Henry Cavill himself. And now, in a new interview, the current cinematic Man of Steel sets the record straight.

“The cape is in the closet,” Cavill told Men’s Health. “It’s still mine.”

Last year, reports surfaced that after three movies, Cavill was done playing the iconic DC character. However, after those reports spread like wildfire, both Warner Bros. (the company that controls Superman) and Cavill himself provided non-binding responses. You can read all about it in the below link.

Report: Henry Cavill's Superman Is Going Into Retirement

The DC cinematic universe might have just gone through the death and rebirth of Superman, but an explosive new report suggests that it could be losing its Man of Steel for good.

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Basically, that was it. The issue was left up in the air over a year ago. Since then, Cavill filled much of his time playing Geralt for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Witcher. And so the rumours—which Cavill is now addressing—largely just kind of became fact.

“I’m not just going to sit quietly in the dark as all this stuff is going on,” Cavill said. “I’ve not given up the role. There’s a lot I have to give for Superman yet. A lot of storytelling to do. A lot of real, true depths to the honesty of the character I want to get into. I want to reflect the comic books. That’s important to me. There’s a lot of justice to be done for Superman. The status is: You’ll see.”

“When?” would be the common response to that question and the answer is “we don’t know.” We aren’t even sure if Cavill knows. The last time Cavill played the role was in Justice League, a film he admits in the same interview “didn’t work.” Since then, the DC Films has mostly righted its ship. Aquaman was a massive hit. Shazam (which almost featured a Cavill cameo) was well-received. New Batman and Suicide Squad movies are in the works. It’s anyone’s guess where Superman could fit into that—but it sounds like Cavill wants to be part of that conversation.

We’re sure to hear more from the actor as he continues to promote The Witcher, which hits Netflix on December 20. And for much more on Cavill, like how he intimidated Ben Affleck while working out during Justice League, head to that Men’s Health piece.