Google Maps May Soon Allow You To Pay For EV Charging

Google Maps May Soon Allow You To Pay For EV Charging

Google Maps has (slowly) made strides to be more EV-friendly. Back in April, Google released plug availability for a few charging networks, but otherwise, functionality is still pretty sparse.

That might change soon, as the folks over at XDA-Developers spotted code in the latest release that hints users will be able to select compatible plug formats and even pay for charging directly through Google Maps.

To be clear, this feature is not currently available, and it’s possible it may never be. But generally speaking, when code for potential new feature pops up in an app, it’s for a reason. And the code for EV profiles within Google Maps and EV payment methods sure does indicate we can expect these features at some point.

The degree to which EV owners use public charge points varies greatly from person to person. Some people do nearly all their charging at home like they might do with their cell phones or laptops. But I’ve also met some plug-in hybrid owners who street park and exclusively use public chargers.

For those people who do rely on public charge points to keep their EV powered, I’m sure any strides to make it more convenient will be welcome.

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