Frank Miller’s Sin City TV Show Looks Like It Might Be Finally Happening

Frank Miller’s Sin City TV Show Looks Like It Might Be Finally Happening
Ron Perlman in <em>Sin City: A Dame to Kill For</em>. (Image: Miramax)

One year after Frank Miller Robert Rodriguez, who directed both Sin City films, could be coming back into the fold.

According to Deadline, Miller has agreed to work with Legendary Television on a Sin City TV show, as well as a hard-R animated prequel series. Deadline reports that Legendary is guaranteeing a first season of the show, provided the production company finds a network or streaming platform that’s willing to take it on. Miller and Rodriguez are expected to serve as executive producers on the series, alongside Sin City: A Dame to Kill For producer Stephen L’Heureux and Silenn Thomas.

It’s been a long and difficult road getting a Sin City television series off the ground. Initial plans were revealed back in 2013 by the Weinstein Company, which had distributed the 2005 film through Miramax Films. At the time, it was set to be done in the same style as the film, but that idea slowly started crumbling—to the point where a version of the series announced in 2017 didn’t seem to involve Miller anymore. Miller managed to regain the film and TV rights to Sin City thanks to a settlement with Lantern Capital Partners, which was in the process of acquiring pieces of the Weinstein Company following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

It’s exciting to see the series moving forward, especially if it means Miller and Rodriguez are returning to creatively shape its vision. That said, it’s not in the bag just yet. The next step is for Miller and Legendary Television to find a network interested in the series. But given Sin City’s built-in popularity, it seems like an easy hit.