Follow Author Holly Black On Her Maleficent Journey In This Exclusive Video

Follow Author Holly Black On Her Maleficent Journey In This Exclusive Video
Crop of the cover for <em>Heart of the Moors</em> (Image: Disney Publishing)

Author Holly Black is probably best-known for her Spiderwick Chronicles series, which she created with artist Tony DiTerlizzi. But she’s written dozens of fantasy novels and stories for young readers, including Disney Publishing’s brand-new Heart of the Moors: An Original Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Novel.

According to the publisher, the novel is “set between Disney’s Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, in which newly-queened Aurora struggles to be the best leader to both the humans and Fair Folk under her reign; her beau, Prince Phillip, longs to get to know Aurora and her kingdom better; and Maleficent has trouble letting go of the past.”

In this mini-documentary from director Brendan Choisnet, debuting exclusively on Gizmodo, the charismatic Black takes you along as she sees the finished version of the book for the first time, meets fans at New York Comic Con, and even offers a glimpse of her amazing secret library, which is entered via a hidden door and is therefore 100 per cent dream home architecture in action.

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First, here’s the full cover of the book:

And here’s the link back to the video.

In addition to Heart of the Moors, which is now available, the busy Black’s also got a brand-new book dropping tomorrow: The Queen of Nothing, which completes the author’s best-selling Folk of the Air trilogy.