Facebook Sent Flowers To Tassie MP, So He Called The Biosecurity Cops

Facebook Sent Flowers To Tassie MP, So He Called The Biosecurity Cops

Tasmanian politician Andrew Wilkie has called the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) on Facebook after the social media giant sent the MP a floral arrangement from Sydney.

As it turns out, sending a giant native wreath from New South Wales could be against Tasmania’s tough biosecurity laws.

Tasmania has some of the worlds strictest conditions regarding what can be brought into the state.

According to the DPIPWE’s website, cut flowers, foliage, seeds and seedlings may all be potentially harmful to the Tasmanian environment and may require a special permit to import.

“It immediately sparked concerns about implications for the Tasmanian environment and the likelihood of it being a serious breach of Tasmania’s tough but entirely warranted biosecurity laws,” Wilkie told 10 Daily.

“My office immediately contacted Biosecurity Tasmania who were very concerned that the arrangement had not been quarantine cleared and likely contained live seeds and the possibility of serious pests and diseases.”

Biosecurity Tasmania reportedly responded quickly and professionally.

Facebook responded to Wilkie’s actions by stating that the the wreath was sent in support of regional businesses in the lead up to the Christmas holidays.

“We sent an Australian native wreath to Mr Wilkie to spread some festive cheer and share information about a local business from his electorate that features in our 2019 Gift Guide,” a spokesperson said.

“The Gift Guide celebrates regional small business owners and encourages Australians to buy to support regional communities for the holidays, especially now in this time when so many are experiencing drought.”

The Member for Denison also took to Twitter to cheekily drag Facebook on Monday afternoon.

It’s currently unclear whether the wreath has or will pass the biosecurity check.

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