The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates
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We all have those friends. The ones who can whip up a party at the click of their fingers. The ones who spend their nights out, and their weekends wild. They want to keep the party going, and with these Christmas gift ideas, they can keep the music pumping and the beats fresh all night long. Here’s a few of our favourite gifts for your party enthusiast friends.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Wonderboom 2 portable bluetooth speakers are the ultimate party tech. Whether you’re chilling by the beach, in a local park or even just having a backyard picnic, you can bring the weather with you ” and by that, we mean “Weather With You”, Crowded House’s classic 1992 rock banger. When Gizmodo’s own Adam Clark Estes reviewed this tech earlier in the year, he called it “the perfect portable speaker for your summer”, making it a solid choice for the perfect, party-themed gift.


LED Fairy Lights

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

Not all party gifts have to blow your budget ” sometimes, simple can be a great way to go, too. These great little fairy lights can help to jazz up any garden party, plus they’re cheap and easy to install. While it can be hard to find a reliable and long-lasting set of string lights, when you’re preparing for a once-in-a-blue-moon get-together, even the plainest fairy light variety can help to make your mate’s night just a bit more special.


Fondue Set

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

You know what’s even better than a party? A party with warm, drizzling chocolate. Fondue sets are great, simple gifts that can be used anywhere. All you need is a packet of candles and any food you want to dip in the delicious chocolate-y waters. We’d recommend fruit like strawberries, but really, you can stick anything in there, even a finger. Everything tastes better coated in chocolate, and it’ll be a hit at future parties.


Personalised Wine Charms

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

When the party really gets going, you don’t want to find yourself sipping on someone else’s wine, but with these totally adorable wine charms, you’ll be able to easily identify your drink from the rest of the crowd. It also saves on the amount of glasses needed, which, sure, you might not have to worry about, but it will make your friend’s post-party day that much easier. Plus, they really are cute.


George Foreman Steel Grill

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on BBQ duty while everyone chats up a storm in the kitchen, but with the handy dandy George Foreman grill, you’ve got portability on your side. If your mate wants to be the life of the party, they can simply pack up their grill and move it to the heart of the conversation. They’ll never miss another party moment.


Cheese Board & Knives Set

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

There are cheese boards, and then there are cheese boards. This is the latter, and it’s very impressive, with several folding arms, drawers, divots and knives included in the bundle. With a drawer that houses more cheese knives than you’d ever need and a little side arm for chips and dips, this is one fancy cheeseboard, and a good investment for future parties.


Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

Amazon’s Echo Plus smart speaker will help get the party off to a rip-roaring start with Alexa-enabled features that enable music playing through Spotify. Think of a song you absolutely need to hear, right this second? “Alexa, play We Will Rock You by Queen.” Sure, your friend’s party might descend into total chaos as a result, but isn’t that the best kind of chaos?


Tabletop Party Games

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Party Loving Mates

Tabletop games never go amiss at a party. There’s the usual suspects, like Cards Against Humanity, but also newer games like Sushi Go Party! or Bad People and Pictionary Air.

Pictionary Air is actually super nifty, and we’ve played around with it in the Gizmodo offices before. You could even go a bit more classic, and return to your roots with Cluedo, Scrabble or even regular Pictionary, which is always a hit at parties.

Around $25-45

With these gifts, you can help your mates keep the tunes pumping, the cheese flowing and the good times going into the late hours of the night. Bring on the summer parties, we say!