Brad Pitt Is Our Next Pick For A Keanu-Level Resurgence

Brad Pitt Is Our Next Pick For A Keanu-Level Resurgence
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

For a while there, the internet had a collective love affair with Hollywood’s most breathtaking and endearingly vulnerable star, Keanu Reeves. We won’t pretend we didn’t fall for his soulful stare, and the collective hours that we’ve spent re-watching John Wick are solid evidentiary support.

But Keanu’s renaissance isn’t the only one on the horizon, and now that he’s charmingly loved up with visual artist Alexandra Grant, we’ve cast our eyes beyond him.

So far beyond, in fact, that we’ve hit the stars. With this year’s release of blockbuster Ad Astra, we’re putting it out there into the universe that Brad Pitt is due for a resurgence of his own.

From his questionable accents to his undeniably impressive rig, we are here for a Brad Pitt renaissance. Pop onto Stan to check out these flicks and get your Brad binge started.

The star has been hovering on the periphery for a few years now, admittedly with no shortage of people still rallying behind him. They even stuck by when he seemed to be a bit problematic post-divorce with Angelina Jolie.

But he’s gotten sober, cleaned up his act, and his body of work has been consistent ever since he first became a household name way back in the days of ‘Legends of the Fall’.

He’s capable of the same kind of varied roles and vulnerability as Keanu, and even when he’s playing the action hero, there’s enough variation that we want to see more.

And yes, because we’re thirsty, we want to see more for other reasons too. Here are five picks that’ll get you started on a Brad binge ” you know you want to.

1. Moneyball, 2011

While Moneyball may look like another standard sports film, it’s so much more. It delved into mathematics and data in a way that somehow was almost sexy (yes, we’re blaming Brad).

Based on the novel of the same name, it centres around Brad’s character, Billy Beane, in his attempt to use empirical data analysis to recruit a winning baseball team. And while watching baseball for leisure might not be how you pass your time, we can say to you folks: it’s good.

2. Ocean’s Trilogy, 2001 – 2007

Perhaps one of his most iconic ‘bro’ roles, Brad’s turn as Rusty Ryan as a member of George Clooney’s rag-tag band of criminals definitely has a ‘look’. In Ocean’s Eleven he caught our eyes, in Ocean’s Twelve we stood up and paid attention, and by Ocean’s Thirteen we were firmly on board the Brad train.

The collar vibes above and his entire character feel very Miami, and although he’s largely seen as Clooney’s right-hand man in the trilogy, he’s definitely a scene-stealer in our books.

3. World War Z, 2013

Now, if we were to be trapped in a zombie-infested wasteland and Keanu wasn’t available to Wick his way through the crowds, we’d definitely be open to Brad Pitt saving the day.

This apocalyptic flick features Brad as Gerry Lane (a deeply unsexy name, but we will persist) as a United Nations investigator who’s latest task is to prevent the spread of a zombie pandemic. No big deal, right?

4. Megamind, 2010

Though you’ll (sadly) miss out on the visual element of Brad, Megamind is actually a genuinely good animated film that still blesses you with his vocal stylings.

The plot centres around Will Ferrell’s Megamind, a villain who finally foils Pitt’s heroic character, Metro Man. But now that he’s defeated, what comes next? It’s a heartfelt little flick that still rates well with both grumpy critics and audiences alike.

5. Thelma & Louise, 1991

It may be a throwback, but we will forever be sending thanks to the universe for blessing us with shirtless Brad Pitt in this film.

That is all. You’re welcome.

These flicks will give you a solid start on the Brad Pitt renaissance we’re expecting, so if you want to get started you can check ’em out on Stan.