Beverly Hills Police Are Keeping The Streets Safe From Miscreants Driving Sofas

Residents of Beverly Hills have one less thing to be concerned about, one less worry to add to the considerable pile of their difficult, hardscrabble lives: their streets are safe from prowling leopard-print sofas with tall, lanky Brits on them. But who is this long, snow-haired madman terrorizing the simple citizens of the Hills of Beverly on his animal-skin-clad motor-couch?

It is, of course, our old pal Edd China, gearhead legend and builder of all sorts of strange motorised things, including motorised furniture like the couch here.

Edd brought the motor-sofa to America as part of his American Sofari, where he drove it from Los Angeles to SEMA in Las Vegas, and it appears he had some company for that trip:

Jay Leno and a Mark I Escort? That’s a hell of a road trip. I have a feeling that Escort there is the same one used in Fast and Furious 6, since there’s hardly any Mk. 1 Escorts in the U.S., and it’s likely Jay would be able to get his hands on that one.

Oh, I should mention Edd has a book out now called Grease Junkie, and it’s great, though I’m not certain Amazon has categorised it properly:

Edd also told me there was one fire on the trip. As soon as I get more details on that, I’ll let you know.

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