The Best Christmas Gifts For Pet Obsessives

welsh corgi dogs and british longhair cat on sofa at home
Image: Getty Images

Pet owners will know that sometimes their pet’s happiness comes before their own. Many shopping trips end in accidentally buying more gourmet food for cats or dogs than for themselves. So, when Christmas comes around, get your crazy cat friend or your pooch freak family member something for their better halves. They’ll probably enjoy it more than a gift for themselves anyway.

Furbo Dog Camera

Pets always get up to weird shit when you’re out but what if there was a way to see just how weird it is? The Furbo Dog Camera lets you watch your pet, interact with it and toss it some treats so it never has to feel alone. It also alerts you if your dog’s barking and will let you take snaps when it comes up to boop the device. Every dog lover needs their very own so it will make The Perfect Gift.


Pet portraits

Image: Etsy

Nothing says true love like putting a majestic portrait of your pet in fine human clothing on the wall. There are a number of pet portrait services around the world, each as extra and ridiculous as the next but one on Etsy, in particular, takes it to another level.

ZKPortraitsWorkshop plops your pet’s adorable face onto royal portraits so they’re dressed up to be the king or queen they actually are. If you’d like a more realistic version, Australian artists like Painted Pets, Evei Art and Susanna Bertolacci are all good choices.


DOTT The Smart Dog Tag

Image: Amazon

Getting more data about your dog is what every good dog obsessive wants. How many zoomies does my dog do? When does my dog wake up and go to sleep? The DOTT Smart Dog Tag is your answer.

This smart tag is a bit like a dog collar that gives you information about your dog’s daily step count, medication breaks, food and toilet times. It’s confusingly not a GPS tracker in any way but you can detect where your dog is within a radius of around 384,844 square feet, according to its site.


FurHaven Pet Dog

Image: Amazon

Pets, like humans, love their need comfy beds. While some furry animals might still opt for the floor, giving them the option of something even you’d like to sleep in will make any pet owner feel good about their choices.

The FurHaven is exactly that sort of on-point bedding any human will be curious to test out for themselves. Sleeping in the doghouse never felt so heavenly.



Image: Amazon

Ancestry DNA tests are all the rage right now but what if you could do it for dogs too? The DNA My Dog makes that niche a reality. Cheek swab a pooch, ship off the cotton swab and wait patiently for the results to roll in. It’ll match the relevant breeds as well as screen for any major health conditions.


Basepaws Cat DNA Test

Image: Amazon

We can’t include a doggy DNA kit without also including their mortal enemies, the cats. This kit will give a good idea of what breeds your cat hails from and will confirm your suspicions about your kitty being part tiger, lion or lynx.

It’ll set you back a lot more than a regular human DNA kit but if that’s what truly makes your gift recipient happy, what’s a few hundred bucks to know their designer kitty really is a rare breed.


SereneLife Automatic Cat Laser

Image: Amazon

Despite seemingly wanting to the opposite, cats need love and attention too. If your recipient’s not able to give them all the playtime they (sometimes secretly) want, they’ll need to give them a few toys so they don’t wreck the couch or push precious mementos off shelves. This cat laser might be the answer to fill the feline friend’s entertainment quota.

This laser has an automatic switch-off timer to conserve battery power but if their cat can last the full 30 minutes, they’ll likely be satisfied for a few hours at least.


Petnet SmartFeeder

Image: Amazon

Many pets experience the weekdays at home alone while their owner is off at work and while most owners are responsible, everyone’s prone to a haunting ‘did I top up the dry food?’ moment. Thankfully, technology has introduced smart feeders to the world, which allow you bulk fill a container and ration it out through your smart phone so you can top up even when you’re not at home.

The Petnet SmartFeeder lets you arrange daily meal times and portion sizes and can even be rigged up to order you more pet food when your stocks are running low. It’s the perfect gift for forgetful pet owners.