And Now For Some Very Good Bears

And Now For Some Very Good Bears

You ever look around and notice that bears are notably absent from your newsfeed? That there are neither fat bears nor bears doing crimes anywhere to be found? Reader, there is a clear scarcity of bear blogs, and for that reason, I think it only fair we point you in the right direction.

Just a few weeks ago, southern Alaska’s Katmai National Park returned to bring us its beloved fat bear week—a bracket-style competition for bear gluttony voted on by the park’s social media following. (These bears, after all, must pack on the pounds before hunkering down for a cold and brutal winter.) This year, a bear named Holly was dubbed “Queen of Corpulence” and therefore fattest bear of them all.

But while fat bear week has come and gone, the bears captured by Explore’s brown bear cams can be enjoyed year-round. If I may, please enjoy some very good bear cubs:

How about a highlight reel?

If those good bears don’t satisfy your bear content need, however, here’s some more:

Bears are good. Long live bears.