American Gods Season 3 Has Added An Interesting Trio To Its Cast

American Gods Season 3 Has Added An Interesting Trio To Its Cast

American Gods might have ended on a rather sour note in its second season, but that isn’t stopping Starz from keeping the show marching forward, as Shadow and Mr. Wednesday journey to the mysterious Wisconsin town of Lakeside where things aren’t nearly as idyllic as they seem.

In its third season, American Gods will both introduce new gods and show us gods we’ve already met before, albeit in entirely new guises that one imagines are both a reflection of Starz trying to re-energize the series and of how the story at hand is becoming more complicated.

While Crispin Glover is set to reprise his role as Mr. World, the anthropomorphization of globalization, he won’t be the only actor to portray the character. In addition to Dominique Jackson’s Ms. World, Danny Trejo will also play yet another incarnation of the deity.

Julia Sweeney is also joining the cast as Hinzelmann, Lakeside’s ever-cheerful unofficial mayor, who makes a point of trying to befriend Shadow while also hiding a terrible secret that readers of Gaiman’s original novel are well aware of.

Rapper Wale rounds out the cast as Chango, an ax-wielding Orisha who appears in a number of different religions throughout the African diaspora.

While it’s good to see that American Gods is switching things up to keep them interesting, what remains to be seen is whether the series’ third season can pull it back on track when it returns to Starz some time in the near future.