How To Use Amazon Hub Delivery In Australia

How To Use Amazon Hub Delivery In Australia
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Amazon has brought its Hub delivery service to Australia just in time for Black Friday.

It’s interesting in that it’s completely different to any other delivery service in Australia right now. You don’t have to worry about packages being left on your doorstep or being greeted with a ‘Sorry we missed you’ slip when you were definitely home all day.

This is everything you need to know about how this new system works.

Amazon Launches New Killer Delivery Service Before Black Friday

Mere days before the intense Black Friday sales period, Amazon has dropped its latest online shopping bomb. The online retail giant has brought its Amazon Hub delivery service to Australia, and it's available from today.

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What is it?

Amazon Hub let’s you choose to have your package delivered to either a Counter or a Locker so you can pick it up in your own time. This often means after business hours.

Which items can it be used for?

Items that Amazon dispatches can be used with a Hub – this includes some Marketplace items. Over 125 million products are currently eligible.

Which items can’t it be used for?

Anything from a third party seller or items that are either age restricted or contain hazardous materials.

Does it cost extra?

Not for Amazon Prime members – you get it for free. If you’re not a Prime member you’ll be charged $4.99 for expedited delivery. However, if you spend more than $39 on eligible items you will qualify for free standard delivery.

How do I choose it as a delivery method?

Head over to the Amazon Hub page and select ‘Locker’ or ‘Counter.

You then have the option to choose all delivery methods, Amazon Locker or Store.

Once you’ve made your choice, put in the address most appropriate for you. For example, I used my work address. You can also search by postcode and landmark.

You’ll be given a list of nearby options. Select the most convenient for you.

This will be now saved as one of your delivery addresses. You can also choose to make it your default.

Now when you go to your checkout on the Amazon online store you’ll be able to select it as a delivery option.

How does the Locker work?

Once you place your order has arrived you will be emailed a unique barcode and six digit number.

Lockers are self service so you will need to either scan the barcode or punch in the six-digit pin to unlock the locker.

How does the Counter work?

Once you place your order has arrived you will be emailed a unique barcode and six digit number.

You will then need to either show your number or have your barcode scanner by a cashier to get your package.

How do I find a Hub near me

You can type in the appropriate address here and you’ll be given a list of nearby hubs.

As it is just rolling out it isn’t Australia wide yet. You’re most likely to be able to find one if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne.

What if I want to pick up after business hours?

The whole point of Amazon Hub is to offer more flexible delivery and pick up options. The list of Hubs near you over on this page will also show what the opening hours are. As you’ll notice some will be after business hours and some are even open 24 hours.

What’s the time limit for picking up my order?

You have 3 days to pick up your parcel from Lockers and 14 days from Counters. If you fail to pick up during that time period the items will be returned for a refund.

Can I return orders to a locker or counter

Not at the present time, you’ll need to go through current Amazon returns instead.

Will Lockers be congested during busy periods?

Considering that Amazon Hub has only just launched, we’re not sure yet! We have asked Amazon this question though. Considering that the service has been in use in the U.S. for years, as well as the 3 day turn around on Locker pickups, we expect that this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.