A Netflix Scam Is Going Around Australia

A Netflix Scam Is Going Around Australia
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A new phishing scam impersonating Netflix has been making the rounds around Australia attempting to get sensitive customer data. Scamwatch has warned Australians about opening and interacting with these emails. Here’s what you need to know.

The scam has been spotted by numerous Australians on Reddit and Twitter and imitates Netflix’s branding, requiring receivers to update their payment information due to an issue with their account.

Lifehacker Australia reported the scam looking eerily legitimate with official branding and links that appear to lead to the real site. Variations of the scam uploaded by other users show some emails claiming the scammers could not authorise payment resulting in a suspended or expired membership.

Image: Lifehacker Australia

Scamwatch warned Australians on Twitter not to click on the links provided in the emails but head straight to Netflix’s official site and verify any issues if concerned.

“Scammers are targeting Netflix customers in an email scam claiming your payment info needs to be updated,” Scamwatch wrote on Twitter. “Don’t click on the link. Go directly to the website to check your account details.”

Some other telltale signs of phishing signs can include spelling and grammatical errors, unofficial email addresses and incorrect logo and colours. Anything requiring you to input your credit card details or other sensitive information should immediately raise concerns and it’s always best to exit the email, head to the official site and double check if the issues are there or contact the site’s official support team.

If you do accidentally click a link, delete the email, change your passwords and enable two-step authentication where possible. Scamwatch has more tips if you’re still not sure what to do.

We’ve reached out to Netflix Australia to confirm how their users can spot whether an email supposedly coming from the service is official or not.

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