YouPorn Boosts Anonymity With New ‘Private Sign-In’ Feature

YouPorn Boosts Anonymity With New ‘Private Sign-In’ Feature

When you’re off on the web looking at porn, you really don’t want all that you click on to be tied to you in any way. It’s part of the reason why age verification gates are wildly unpopular, aside from the whole ‘making it harder to access porn’ thing. But to try and boost all this, YouPorn has a brand new feature to keep your digital kinks secret: Private Sign-In.

Obviously you can already access YouPorn’s library of porn without having to register, which is nice, but there are still features locked behind having an account. Features like personalised recommendations, favourites, downloads and more.

Obviously signing up is just asking for your information to be tracked, which some people may not be into, and that’s why Private Sign-In is now a thing. The idea being that you don’t need to hand over personal information or sign up for an email address that could be linked back to you.

Signing up for a private account is easy. You simply head to the registration page, hit the Private Sign-In option, and make a copy of the unique account code that appears on screen.

When you need to log back in, you simply enter the recovery code and you’re good to go. Just make sure not to lose it, otherwise you’ll be logged out of your private account forever.

YouPorn VP Charlie Hughes said:

“Prioritising our users’ security and privacy, we decided the best way to solve this problem is with a new feature we’re calling Private Sign In, enabling our users to create an account without entering any personally identifiable information, except for what is absolutely necessary.”

Sadly the Private Sign-In feature comes with one drawback: you can’t use one to upload any videos. That would just be asking for trouble, really, so if you want to add to YouPorn’s hefty collection of porn you’ll need to hand over something in return for the privilege.


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