Xiaomi Reportedly Has An 8K Phone In The Works

Xiaomi Reportedly Has An 8K Phone In The Works

The Chinese tech company has apparently had its future plans outed by its most recent MIUI camera app update.

XDA Developers found a couple of lines of code in the APK relating to video quality showing support for 8K video playback resolution as well as an 8K 30fps recording mode.

Currently, there are no smartphones in Xiaomi’s current lineup that support 8K – not even its new concept phone, the Mi Mix Alpha with its weird and largely pointless wraparound screen. It’s likely then, that there’s a new device being worked on with 8K support.

The company has been working on a foldable phone which we caught a glimpse of back in March but it’s been a bit quiet on that front in recent months. Could we see the foldable phone launch with 8K support, putting it ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s upcoming Mate X? Who knows. No doubt it’ll tease it when it ready, so keep a weather eye out. [Pocket-lint]

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