When Typhoons Hit Japan, Its Cool Cars Go To The Mall

When Typhoons Hit Japan, Its Cool Cars Go To The Mall

Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in Japan yesterday with the strength of a Category 3 Atlantic Hurricane. Though Valtteri Bottas had clear weather to claim the podium at Suzuka today, many cars were off the road because of the weather conditions. To keep their precious rides out of the wind and rain, some Japanese gear heads sought refuge in mall parking lots.

@1987Camaro305, known as ‘Japanese car spotter,’ was one of those gear heads and was kind enough to share some shots of his car, a fantastically clean third-gen Camaro, tucked away safely to ride out the storm as well as a few of his car’s neighbours down in the garage.

These cars are all parked at the AEON Shin-Urayasu mall on the northern rim of Tokyo Bay, not far from Tokyo Disneyland a little northeast from central Tokyo.

As you can see, Japanese car spotter’s Camaro isn’t the only one in this garage. There’s a new one as well looking very similar to the old car, also in white.

And while Mercedes may have snatched the Constructors’ championship away from Ferrari, this Testarossa seems unperturbed riding out the storm and the Grand Prix in peace.

The Camaros aren’t the only American-badged cars in this garage. There’s also a relatively rare Ford Telstar down there too. This model is essentially a rebadged and restyled contemporary Mazda 626 made for East Asian markets and would be quite the whip to roll up to Radwood in, I think.

Luckily, this Ford made it out of the storm unscathed, but I can’t say the same for the Mustang in the tweet below. It seems like not everyone got their cars inside before the typhoon it. Hopefully this one is just muddy and doesn’t have any flood damage, otherwise it’ll be scrap before long.