What It Takes To Be A World-Record Puzzler

Luiza Figueiredo always loved puzzles — you have to if you collect so many you get the Guinness World Record for most assembled puzzles ever.

Figueiredo, a general manager at a squash and tennis academy, started collecting them when she was 7 years old. She quickly began rejecting other toys, like dolls and games, to focus on collecting and assembling puzzles, and she’s maintained that passion ever since.

In 2017, she was awarded the Guinness World Record for most assembled puzzles with her collection of 1,047 puzzles, but she tells Gizmodo she’s since surpassed that.

Figueiredo gathers puzzles while travelling with friends, but her passion is so well known that she regularly receives them as gifts too. Some are small enough to fit in your palm, while others take up whole walls of her home when assembled.

The bulk of her collection is framed, mounted, and stored in her “Dream Room” in her home in São Paulo, Brazil. Figueiredo invited Gizmodo in for a tour of her collection and gave us a little insight into what makes the puzzle obsessive tick.