This New Featurette Teases The Fundamental Stephen King Creepiness Of Castle Rock's Second Season

Lizzy Caplan as Annie Wilkes. (Image: Hulu)

Now that Castle Rock is building a multi-season journey of spooks, the broader goals of its seasonal storytelling are becoming clear. There’s hints of an anthology here, but also gestures toward a broader story, a unifying theory of scary Stephen King stuff. How do the creators plan to weave those threads together? And what do they have to do with the arrival of Annie Wilkes?

Ahead of the second season of the show (which has its first three episodes now streaming, thanks Halloween promotions), check out this new featurette, via Bloody Disgusting, teasing the answers to some of the above questions and going into the show’s philosophy of building an authentically King-like world.

In particular, hear the creative staff behind the show talk about the trick of slowly introducing casts of unrelated characters only to pull them together into an overarching horrific storyline, which is absolutely a common King speciality.

You’ll also get a look at the fantastic Lizzy Caplan as the very, very frightening Annie Wilkes. To be honest, she’s worth the watch all by herself.

The second season of Castle Rock just started, so now’s the perfect time to jump on board.

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