This Is How Snowpiercer’s World Ended

This Is How Snowpiercer’s World Ended
The dread train. (Image: TNT)

In a new animated trailer, the Earth of the Snowpiercer TV show comes to an end.

It starts with war, then heat, then cold. As narrated by Daveed Diggs, this trailer tells the story of the chain of events that led to Snowpiercer being built and put on the track, the one safe haven in a frozen apocalyptic world. It also explains how a large number of rebellious outsiders, enemies of the wealthy establishment crooks who used the train to escape the consequences of their actions, ended up on Snowpiercer themselves.

For fans of the property, this is likely a familiar story, but the promotion, which uses crisp animation for almost its entirety, is a compelling watch anyway. TNT’s Snowpiercer series looks like it could be a compelling, immediate take on its source material. It at least has the tone right.

Snowpiercer will be on TNT in the US next year with Australian dates yet to be announced. The show stars Jennifer Connelly alongside Daveed Diggs. Also, note of warning about that teaser: it ends pretty abruptly. It’s not just you.