The Cutest Little Space Marine Is The Smallest (and Most Adorable) Toy Of The Week

The Cutest Little Space Marine Is The Smallest (and Most Adorable) Toy Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular roundup of all things good and (mostly) plastic on the internet we’ve seen lately. This week: The most adorable nightmare of a Star Wars lounger! Barry Allen dashes into the world of Hot Toys! And in the grim dark future of the 41st millennium, there is only… cuteness? Sounds like heresy to me, but check it out!

Hot Toys 1:6 Scale The Flash Barry Allen

There have been 1:6 scale takes on Grant Gustin’s version of the Fastest Man Alive, both official and unofficial, since The Flash hit TV. But, at long last, the CW has turned to the masters of 12″-sized homonculi of famous comic book stars and given the licence to Hot Toys, who are kicking off with a brand new Barry that looks rather fab… with a catch.

That catch is that the company isn’t kicking off with Barry’s current Flash suit—they’re doing his costume from the first three seasons of the show. The Flash has gone on to give Barry way better upgrades since, with the current suit perhaps being the best yet. Given that this figure won’t even arrive until 2021, it’s likely going to be even more outdated if Barry gets yet more new threads in the meantime! Still, at least he kind of makes up with it with an unhelmeted sculpt, some very cool speedforce effects, and bonus hands to pose him mid-run or ready to fight. [Hot Toys]

Star Wars Sarlacc Pit Toddler Floor Lounger

Is there anything more adorable than pretending to feed a newborn infant to Return of the Jedi’s Sarlacc monster? This custom-made floor lounger pillow, which helps ensure a wee one doesn’t roll away when you turn your back for two seconds, looks like a plush version of the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine, complete with a fabric printed with rows and rows of pointy teeth.

If there’s a Star Wars fan in your life who just had a kid (preferably not through some weird Force birth) you can grab one of these from BedHogShop’s Etsy store for around $245.

Bandai Warhammer 40,000 Chibis

Games Workshop’s partnership with Bandai for the very first Warhammer 40K action figure recently wasn’t the only collectible they had cooking. The two companies have now also revealed painted versions of an entire series of adorable little chibi takes on popular factions of Mankind’s very grim, very fascist, and very morally compromised Imperium.

The first in what is promised to be a series of minifigures includes a Primaris Ultramarine (but of course, they are after all the poster boys of the franchise!), a Sister of Battle, a Grey Knight, a Skitarii Ranger, and even the weirdly cute for a skull face Eversor Assassin. [Warhammer Community]

MAFEX Aquaman Mera

Medicom’s line of MAFEX figures in the DC Movieverse is getting another watery expansion in the form of Mera, as she’s seen in the as-bonkers-as-it-is-moist cinematic spectacle that is Aquaman. As well as two separate hairpeices to depict Mera either with her royal tiara and hair majestically floating in the waves or as…very, very damp, the roughly $105 figure also comes with alternate hands to depict her using her liquid-controlling powers, FX pieces of both the water and blood variety to use those hands with, and even the holographic key she and Arthur find in the ruins of Atlantis’ old kingdom in the movie.

Preorders are going live now for a full release in July 2020. [Medicom]