Some People Think The Future Of Trucks Will Be Your N64 Glitching Out

Some People Think The Future Of Trucks Will Be Your N64 Glitching Out

I’m not really sure what the hell our pals over at InsideEVs were thinking, but at some point we’ve really got to put our foot down and say that not every fucked-up 3D model of a pickup truck where you remove the grille counts as a “Tesla Truck Render.” Look at that image up there. InsideEVs, why are you publishing this? That’s not a Tesla truck render. That’s a truck from a video game glitching out.

While InsideEVs does qualify this a bit with:

Though this particular render, which comes to us via Erwin at Swerve Designs, isn’t really what we expected the finished product to resemble, it does manage to fully incorporate Musk’s teaser image (see below).

And they suggest that it’s based on the teaser image from Elon’s tweet:

And, sure, I guess the front edge of that sort of looks like that, but come on! This was a 3D model of a Ram truck that somebody deleted a bunch of polygons from the front. That’s it.

This shouldn’t count as a “render” of a Tesla truck. That’s insane.

Look, here, I’m going to spend a maximum of ten minutes making a similar “render,” but this time of a future Tesla SUV:

There. Just as shitty. This shouldn’t be taken seriously, as that truck render shouldn’t.

As journalists covering Tesla, I know it’s tempting to write about every crazy possible render. But there has to be some kind of standard, right? If not, then, well, fine, because in that case, I can finally show the world this incredible render I found of Tesla’s new electric small car, the Model 4:

Stunning, isn’t it?