Samsung’s Galaxy Fold May Have Another Design Issue On Its Hands

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold May Have Another Design Issue On Its Hands

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to have got over its many issues which were revealed when reviewers got their hands on it, but there are now new ways to break it. Fantastic.

A redesign was set to combat issues that delayed the initial launch earlier this year, like the peeling off of the protective layer on the screen and problems with the hinge, and we didn’t encounter any problems with the device we received for review, but a TechCrunch reviewer wasn’t so lucky, and found a brand new headache for Samsung.

Basically, a small cluster of pixels in the centre of the display – right where it folds – are buggered. TechCrunch’s reviewer, Brian Heater, is speculating it may have something to do with the screen succumbing to the pressure of simply being folded, which is absolutely mental. “Excessive pressure” is cited as something to avoid, along with a laundry list of care instructions, like not putting stuff on the phone and then folding it – “keys” being an example for the complete fucking idiots out there.

“There was nothing inside the device while folded. I didn’t get it wet or feed it after midnight, and there’s no visible damage to the laminate layer, so I can’t really say definitively what happened here,” he writes. “And while the screen is certainly still usable, I think I’d probably be”¦ irked if I had just paid $2,000 for a handset and had to deal with a large, rainbow colored blob in the exact center of the screen.”

I’d be pretty friggin’ livid myself, Brian. Honestly, the foldable phone seems like more hassle than its worth. It’s very expensive and has a million and one caveats about how to treat it right at the risk of it breaking on you.

The Galaxy Fold has already launched in the UK with a £1,900 ($3,456) price tag when bought directly from Samsung.


This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.