Oh Cool, The New Toyota Yaris Still Gets A Manual

Photos: Toyota

There’s a new global Toyota Yaris out on a new modular platform. Still here though: a six-speed manual.

This is the new Yaris. Not the Mazda one. This one. The new platform one.

It’s not clear where the Yaris will be available, as Toyota’s “global” press release is unclear.


Toyota showed no photos of the six-speed, but you know what, I believe it. I trust that it is real, and that it is just fine. Good? Possibly. Definitely there, should you be a person who wants it. (I do.)

Toyota does spend most of its time talking about hybrid drive on the Yaris, and some new CVT, but if you want, you can still get a three-pedal car, provided you get the most conventional 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated but Dynamic Force engine and front-wheel drive, not all-wheel drive.


A Yaris new and old.

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