Nokia Just Announced A New Flip Phone So We Can Party Like Its 2004

Nokia Just Announced A New Flip Phone So We Can Party Like Its 2004
Image: Nokia

Nokia just announced two brand new phones for the Aussie market – the Nokia 7.2 and the Nokia 2720 Flip.

The latter is a throwback to the mid 2000s when flip phones were all the rage. Now its back, and real cheap.

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There’s been a resurgence in interest around ‘nostalgia’ phones over the past few years, with Nokia leading the charge. In the last couple of years it brought back new versions of both its iconic 3310, as well as its ‘Banana Phone’. I’m not above begging for one of these. I love them.

Motorola also announced earlier this year that it would be dropping a revamped versions of its much-loved RAZR flip phone, which we’re also super excited about.

So it stands to reason that Nokia would continue the nostalgia party with its own flippy offering.

The 2720 Flip will include two screens in its clam shell form factor – an outer display that will show notifications, as well as the primary screen on the inside of the device.

Under the hood you’ll find a Qualcomm 205 processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage and a 1,500mAH battery. It also has a single rear 2MP camera.

It will run KaiOS and will be compatible with Google Assistant, WhatsApp and Facebook.

You can real the full specs here:

It’s not the fanciest phone in the world by a long shot, but it could be a good option for anyone looking for a basic phone that you can snap shut in a satisfying fashion. At only $149, it’s not bad at all.

Nokia also announced a new mid-range camera, the Nokia 7.2.

It comes with a triple rear camera (48MP + 5MP depth + 8MP wide-angle), and a 20MP front-facing camera, as well as a 6.3-inch FHD+ display.

Specs include a Qualcomm SDM660 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB/128GB storage and a 3,500mAH battery. It comes with Android 9 but will be Android 10 ready.

Here are the full specs:

The Nokia 7.2 will have an RRP pof $549 and come in cyan green, charcoal and ice. Both the 7.2 and the 2720 Flip will be on sale from select retailers from October 3.

Image: Nokia