Nickelback Is The Deep State Now

Nickelback Is The Deep State Now

Last night, U.S. President Donald Trump posted a meme-y video on Twitter featuring the song “Photograph” by the rock band Nickelback. It has since been taken down. And while some believe the video was removed after Warner Music Group, the copyright holder of the song, filed a copyright complaint, we all know the truth: Nickelback is part of a deep state conspiracy to harm Trump and get Hillary Clinton installed as U.S. president.

Yes, a Twitter spokesperson may have told Gizmodo via email this morning that “per our copyright policy, we respond to valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorised representatives.” And, yes, a third-party app that tracks DMCA takedowns confirms that Warner Music Group requested the song be taken down. But open your eyes, man. You’re not seeing the bigger picture.

As many Trump-supporting patriots and greasy failsons have pointed out already, Twitter just doesn’t want the world to know about Joe Biden’s ties to Ukraine. (Or “the Ukraine” as Trump acolytes are more likely to say.)

Twitter, a social media giant that has so many legitimate Nazi accounts it’s tough to count, is obviously working hand in glove with Nickelback operatives to support a left-wing agenda and suppress the real scandal here. The fact that Trump asked for dirt on Biden from a foreign leader isn’t the scandal. The fact that Trump has invoked calls for a civil war and accused his rivals of treason isn’t the scandal. The real scandal is that Nickelback is trying to limit the free speech rights of red-blooded Americans — presumably with funding from George Soros and the Rothschilds.

America-loving patriots continue to upload the altered Nickelback video in protest today, sacrificing everything to make sure that Trump stays in office to continue destroying his “enemies.” And those patriots won’t rest until the meme war against Democan’ts is finished.

Because it doesn’t matter if another person died in ICE custody this week; it doesn’t matter if Australia, one of America’s closest allies, told Republicans to very diplomatically fuck off; it doesn’t matter if Trump floated the idea of shooting asylum seekers in the legs to slow them down; it doesn’t matter if Trump continues to reshape the judiciary for generations to come; it doesn’t matter if the U.S. is literally the laughingstock of the world after the Finnish President had to endure a press conference with Trump.

No, what matters is that we expose Nickelback for the deep state conspiracy that it is. Because the Fake News media just hates freedom. And social media companies only love the Democrats.