New Crisis On Infinite Earths Set Pictures Tease A Massive Battle

New Crisis On Infinite Earths Set Pictures Tease A Massive Battle

The Craft reboot just keeps finding new castmates. Ruben Fleischer is already thinking about Zombieland spinoffs. Lucifer will get downright musical and noir in its last season. The CW wants a spinoff of The 100. Plus, what’s to come on Supernatural, and the end begins for Arrow. Spoilers away!

New Crisis On Infinite Earths Set Pictures Tease A Massive Battle

The Craft

Deadline reports Michelle Monaghan is the latest to join the cast of The Craft reboot in a currently undisclosed role.


Deadline also confirms Taylor Kitsch will play the lead in Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi thriller, Inferno. The story is said to concern a cop (Kitsch) convinced a serial killer has extraterrestrial origins, which ultimately puts him “face-to-face with a humanoid beast who will stop at nothing to exterminate the one witness to [its] crime.”

Untitled Body-Swapping Horror Film

THR also has word Uriah Shelton will join Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton in the cast of Christopher Landon’s currently untitled horror movie concerning a body-swapping serial killer.

Zombieland 3

In conversation with THR, director Ruben Fleischer revealed he’d “love” to give Zooey Deutsch’s Zombieland character, Madison, her own spinoff movie.

I would love to do a Madison standalone movie. So, I think that story remains to be written. That would be a fun thing to go find out. That actually would’ve been a good post-credit scene where those two [Madison and Berkeley] are in Babylon just being pretty dumb together.


According to Variety, Kevin Adams and Joe Ksander are attached to co-direct comic book films based on Fathom and Soulfire in hopes of kickstarting an Aspen Entertainment cinematic universe. Fathom concerns a marine biologist who can turn her body into water, while Soulfire is a future-set sci-fi fantasy series about a boy and a goddess tasked with bringing magic back to Earth.


We also have a new international trailer for Valiant’s Bloodshot.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Set photos from Crisis on Infinite Earths see the heroes springing into action. Note Spartan is dressed in a new — and intriguingly green-tinged — variation of his costume.

Amazing Stories

Deadline reports an upcoming episode of Apple+’s Amazing Stories starring the late Robert Forster will include a dedication in its credits. The episode, titled “Dynoman and the Volt” concerns “an awkward tween boy and his grandpa (Forster) who wrestle with feeling powerless” until “a superhero ring Grandpa ordered out of the back of a comic book arrives 50 years late and has the power to turn them into actual superheroes.”

The 100

According to TV Line, an upcoming episode of The 100 will serve as a “backdoor pilot” for a potential spinoff series set 97 years earlier, at the dawn of the nuclear apocalypse.


Entertainment Tonight also reports the fifth season of Lucifer will include a musical episode “shot in black and white [and] set in an alternative universe in the 1940s with the Prince of Hell himself, Lucifer Morningstar, dusting off his pipes and singing alongside his confidante from Hell, Mazikeen.”


Marc Guggenheim revealed the series finale of Arrow is officially titled, “Fadeout.”

The Purge

A quartet of Purge characters feel a twinge of remorse in the synopsis for “House of Mirrors,” the fifth episode of season two.

In the world of The Purge, Ryan, Marcus, Esme, and Ben learn that some lines can’t be un-crossed.

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A demon-hunting samurai arrives in Mystic Falls in the trailer for next week’s episode of Legacies, “Since When Do You Speak Japanese?”


Finally, someone — or something — is bumping off campus cheerleaders, but the dean won’t cancel Friday’s big football game in the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural, “Atomic Monsters.”

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