Netflix Australia Just Raised Its Prices

Netflix Australia Just Raised Its Prices
Image: Netflix

Despite already being the most expensive mainstream streaming service in Australia, Netflix has decided to hike up one of its price tiers.

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Starting today, Netflix Australia’s premium subscription plan will go from $17.99 a month to $19.99.

Current premium customers will see the changes in a few weeks time, with new or upgrading customers being hit with the new price immediately.

There will be no change to the amount of screens or display quality – customers will still have access to only 4K Ultra-HD and four screens for simultaneous streaming.

It’s basic and standard plans will thankfully remain the same a $9.99 and $13.99 a month, respectively.

“We change our prices from time to time and continue to invest heavily to grow in the depth and breadth of our content such as new shows like The Politician, Unbelievable, well-loved series like Stranger Things, The Good Place and The Crown, as well as improvements to our product,” said a Netflix spokesperson to News.

It is unclear what these improvements will actually be at the present time.

This seems like a real weird move considering that Disney+ is only a month away.

In addition to only being $8.99 a month (or $7.41 a month if you pay for a year in advance), Disney is rejecting the tiered pricing model that many streaming services have.

Instead, it will be offering four simultaneous streams and HDR/4K at no extra cost.

Australia is the only country to receive this price increase today. The last time that prices were raised here was back in 2017.

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