Lupin III: The First Continues To Just Look Goddamn Spectacular

Lupin III: The First Continues To Just Look Goddamn Spectacular

Send help, I am in love with every frame of this trailer.

The very first look we got at Lupin III: The First already dazzled with its incredible CG take on the wild world of Monkey Punch’s beloved gentleman thief manga series (and the various animated versions it has gone on to inspire).

This latest trailer for Takashi Yamazaki’s movie, released by Toho this week, is much the same. But as well as just looking completely gorgeous, it actually gives us a little more insight on what fans can expect out of Lupin’s latest, greatest heist.

It turns out that Lupin’s been hired by a mysterious woman named Leticia to go after the Bresson Diary — a legendary treasure that not even Lupin’s famous predecessor (his grandfather, or so Lupin has always claimed), the master thief Arsène Lupin, could steal. Bresson was actually the psuedonym of one of the characters in Maurice LeBlanc’s collection of Arsène Lupin short stories, Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes, which… well, you can guess who LeBlanc was aping there, can’t you?

Anyway, fun literary references aside, Lupin III: The First looks like everything you’d want out of a new Lupin adventure, even if you’re concerned that the translation from manga and anime to 3D CG would rob the series of some of its distinct visual charm. Given how sumptuous this movie looks? That charm might be something not even a master thief like Lupin or his grandfather could steal!

Lupin III: The First is set for release in Japan December 6. Sadly, no international release has yet to be confirmed, so for now all we can do is just watch these gorgeous looking trailers on loop.