How To Cancel Apple Arcade Before Your Free Trial Ends

How To Cancel Apple Arcade Before Your Free Trial Ends
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Apple Arcade became available to the public on September 17 and plenty of people who were curious about the service signed up for the one month free trial quickly.

If you forgot about signing up for the subscription, or don’t find yourself using it enough to actually pay for it – here’s how to unsubscribe.

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Apple's annual September event may traditionally be all about the iPhone, but with Tim Cook bringing services into the fold, it was expected that Apple would reveal more about its hotly anticipated gaming and streaming services ahead of their official launches this spring. And Thursday's event kicked off right away by introducing us to Apple Arcade and demos for three of its offerings.

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As a quick reminder, Apple Arcade gives you access to over 100 games (and the catalogue will continue to grow) for $7.99 a month.

This allows users to access Apple Arcade on multiple devices and even share the subscription with up to six family members.

If you’re loving it so far, you can ignore this post. For everyone else, onto the cancellation process!

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad simply open the App store, select your profile picture from the top right corner and tap the following:

Subscriptions > Apple Arcade > Cancel free trial > Confirm

If your free trial has already ended it will say ‘cancel subscription’ instead.

If you’re cancelling from a Mac go to the App store and select your profile picture from the bottom left corner and then click:

View Information > Manage > Apple Arcade > Cancel Free Trial > Confirm

Again, if you’ve already gone over the trial period it will say ‘cancel subscription’.

It’s worth noting that once you cancel the subscription you’ll no longer be able to use the service. The change is immediate and won’t let you run out the rest of the free trial.

We recommend setting a reminder for the last day you want to use it to avoid this issue.