Hell Yeah A Toyota Tacoma Can Rally

Hell Yeah A Toyota Tacoma Can Rally

When you think “rally car,” you’re probably not thinking “Toyota Tacoma.” But you, my friend, would be missing out on the very wonderful world of absolutely sending it behind the wheel of a pickup for one hell of a great time.

This revelation comes to us from the newest episode of Will It Rally?, where Team O’Neil Rally School’s Wyatt Knox takes an unlikely contender out to the test track: the Tacoma. And while it makes sense that the Tacoma would perform well off road, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for rallying.

But… it ends up being pretty surprising.

There was just one big complaint: the tires. The big, soft tires here have several inches between the rim itself and the road, which means it’s more prone to compression than a smaller, harder tire. Knox admits that it feels like the truck has shitty suspension, which isn’t the case — the tires are just compressing in a weird, unpredictable way.

But other than that, the Tacoma sets a damn good time. While you can’t compare its warmer weather run to the times set in the winter snow, the Tacoma did completely kick the Charger police car’s arse. Now who’s gonna get out there and enter their truck in a local rally event?