Galaxy Fold 2 Rumoured For April 2020 Launch With A New Design

Galaxy Fold 2 Rumoured For April 2020 Launch With A New Design

If you’ve already splashed out two grand on a Samsung Galaxy Fold, it sucks to be you because there’s a better one on the horizon.

The as-yet-unnamed Galaxy Fold 2 is rumoured to be launching in April 2020 which is barely any time at all when you’re a grown up, muttering about how fast the weeks and months are flying by on what feels like a daily basis. What’s more, Samsung is said to be rolling out a slew of changes to improve on the design, as well as lowering the price tag.

According to mysterious industry sources, the Korean tech giant’s follow up to the Fold may sport a smaller screen overall and feature a horizontal seam for vertical folding, akin to a clamshell design. The display could measure just 6.7 inches, with a focus on portability rather than a generous screen size.

Meanwhile, Samsung could well be ditching the plastic polymide (PI) protective layer on the screen for scratch-resistant ultra-thin glass (UTG), presumably as a measure to stop people trying to peel the bloody thing off and buggering up their phones.

UTG could end up bumping up production costs, so it’s possible that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be available in models offering smaller storage options to balance the price.

The Galaxy Fold was announced back in February, and was initially slated for a May 3 launch in Europe – but that was before the many, many issues with the smartphone popped up, that took Samsung an age to iron out.

As it stands, the phone has a hefty price tag, but that hasn’t stopped its smaller production runs from selling out, and getting sold on by resellers for an even higher price.

Even though the main problems with the foldable were fixed, another design flaw looks to have been discovered recently, so it really seems that early adopters are simply going to get shafted for their troubles. [SlashGear]

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