Disney’s Star Tours Just Told Us The Name Of The Rise Of Skywalker’s Most Mysterious Planet

Disney’s Star Tours Just Told Us The Name Of The Rise Of Skywalker’s Most Mysterious Planet

That’s no moon. It’s the ruins of a space station on a moon.

We learn so much about the galaxy far, far away through ancillary means these days, whether it’s tie-in media designed to fill in the gaps throughout the saga, or the sheer volume of product a brand like Star Wars is associated with just letting little tidbits and factoids eke out on everything from action figures to cereal boxes, from cardboard cutouts to, err, Monopoly boards. Now you can add “Disneyland park rides” to the list of avenues where we can learn new details about The Rise of Skywalker.

But did you need to, really, in a post-Galaxy’s Edge reality? Probably not. Add it just to be sure!

Disney just confirmed that the beloved Tomorrowland ride Star Tours, as it has been for previous new entries to the Star Wars saga, will be receiving updates this December to include new travel sequences inspired by the upcoming Rise of Skywalker. Previous expansions to the ride have sent tourists to Crait, Jakku, and even Batuu, which is technically literally just across the park from Star Tours.

But anyway, starting in December, Star Tours will add a new location from Episode IX to its randomised schedule: the oceanic moon of Kef Bir.

That name isn’t familiar, but the location itself is; this is the world we have seen glimpsed throughout new character, Jannah, is from ” it’s where most of the footage of her character so far has been connected to.

At least now, we have a name to put to that mystery. And can rest easy that one day we may be able to visit it through the medium of Star Tours, I guess.

Kef Bir comes to Star Tours at Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney starting December 20, 2019.