Bart Simpson Will Weaponise Movie Spoilers With The Help Of Kevin Feige And The Russos

Bart Simpson Will Weaponise Movie Spoilers With The Help Of Kevin Feige And The Russos
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Bart Simpson has done some shitty things in his long, ageless life, but this one might take the cake. In an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, Bart is mistaken for a terminally ill child and gets to see a highly anticipated movie early. Instead of being honest about it though, he decides to use the spoilers for blackmail.

According to TV Line, the episode, called “Bart and the Bad Guy,” airs February 24. And since the whole premise is an obvious wink at Disney mega-blockbusters, it’ll feature the voices of Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige as well as Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

The Russos voice executives furious with Bart for his lies and Feige voices “Chinnos,” the “evil alien supervillain” from the film franchise in question, called Vindicator. (Uh… guess nobody involved has ever watched Rick and Morty?)

This is a picture of “Chinnos,” a mash-up of Thanos and “Chin” since he has such a weird one.

Chinnos, as voiced by Kevin Feige. (Image: Fox, TV Line)

Is Chinnos holding a golden ticket or some kind of space iPhone? Find out in February!

I first read this news as “Bart lies about being terminally ill,” and I was like, “Man, fuck you Bart.” But, reading it again, it seems like he’s just mistaken for someone who is sick and lies about it to see the movie. (Which is still shitty, but not quite “Fuck you, Bart” shitty.) I’m very curious how this all plays out, because minus the sick part, weaponised spoilers are becoming a problem in popular culture. Who can forget those lovely days when Endgame opened and people created Twitter accounts to just send spoilers to random people who tweeted about going to see the movie?

Anyway, The Simpsons version of this comes next year.