Adventure Time Is Coming Back With A 4-Part Miniseries, But It’s On HBO Max

Adventure Time Is Coming Back With A 4-Part Miniseries, But It’s On HBO Max

It’s time to dance until your noodle arms fall off: Adventure Time is coming back!

U.S. streaming service HBO Max has announced it’s reviving the Cartoon Network show with a series of four one-hour specials, one year after the acclaimed animated series ended. According to a press release, the specials — under the shared name Adventure Time: Distant Lands — will tell several tales within the Land of Ooo, culminating in a reunion adventure starring Finn and Jake.

Distant Lands follows the bittersweet and moving series finale, which ended beautifully but still left room for the story to grow. The specials are being produced by Cartoon Network Studios, but are set to air on HBO Max. Though the press release noted the series was created by Pendleton Ward, it did not specify who would be working behind the scenes on the miniseries.

The first episode, BMO, centres around Finn and Jake’s trusted robot/video game console/VCR/etc. and best friend as they embark on a dangerous mission into the farthest reaches of space. That’s followed by Obsidian, which features Marceline and Princess Bubblegum as they head to the Glass Kingdom to stop a disaster… and confront their past.

Wizard City looks to be an origin story about Peppermint Butler, everybody’s favourite dark sorcerer, starting with his time as a young, inexperienced student at Wizard School. Finally, there’s Together Again, which will reunite Finn and Jake and send them on “the most important adventure of their lives.”

Here’s the new teaser poster.

HBO Max has been making headlines with some of its big-name acquisitions. For example, the streaming service recently acquired the entire Studio Ghibli film catalogue, not to mention the new Dune TV series and streaming rights for The Big Bang Theory.

BMO and Obsidian will debut on HBO Max in 2020 with the others possibly arriving the following year, though that’s not been confirmed. There’s no word on where it’ll air in Australia as of yet.