ABC Announces International Streaming App

ABC Announces International Streaming App

The ABC just launched a brand new streaming app designed for international viewers and it’s 100 per cent free.

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Called ABC Australia iview, it provides users with curated Australian content to users around the world.

‘Aunty’ has highlighted the importance of broadcasting Australian content globally, stating that shows such as Australian Story, BTN, Back Roads, Waltzing the Dragon and triple j’s One Night Stand will be included.

This will also be the first time that the ABC News channel will be streamed internationally via an ABC app. This will include shows such as Q&A, Four Corners, Insiders, Media Watch, Foreign Correspondent and The Drum.

“International broadcasting is one of the ABC’s bedrock Charter responsibilities. This service will open up a variety of outstanding Australian content to audiences around the world, as well as to the more than 1 million Australian expats who live, work or are travelling overseas,” said ABC Chair Ita Buttrose in a statement.

“ABC Australia iview is an example of how, with determination and drive, we can deliver great value for international audiences, Australian taxpayers and the national interest.”

ABC Australia iview is available on Android and iOS and costs zero dollars.