A New Queen And A Dark Evil Rise In The New She-Ra Season 4 Trailer

A New Queen And A Dark Evil Rise In The New She-Ra Season 4 Trailer

Long live Queen Glimmer — she’s gonna need all the princess power she can get to deal with the strange new world Etheria is facing.

Dreamworks has released a new trailer for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’s fourth season, which picks up immediately in the wake of Queen Angella’s sacrifice to hold together all of reality in the truncated third season of the show. Without a ruler, it’s time for Glimmer to leave the life of a princess behind, and become Bright Moon’s new Queen.

Well, she’s not leaving the princess life behind that much. She still has the Princess Alliance to command, and seemingly lessons to learn about ruling a kingdom that involve her butting heads with Adora. And that’s before you get to not just Catra and Hordak running rampant, but also dangerous rumours of a spy among the princesses’ ranks, and even ancient magics Adora and her friends attempt to contend with in their battle against the Horde.

It’s all rather serious stuff, but at least we get some absolutely hilarious moments with Mermista being surprisingly into the thought of betrayer among our heroes. It’s a nice bit of goofy balance to the wider storyline She-Ra really began diving into in the latter parts of season three, and something that was a dearly missed presence during all that juicy lore-dumping.

Thankfully now that the show is back to full seasons after experimenting with truncated, quicker runs, the tonal balance between fun times with Adora and her friends and that wider, darker threat can settle down again.

If it does, we’re in for a hell of a treat when She-Ra returns to Netflix on November 5.