Will Smith Is A Hatoful Agent In The Latest Spies In Disguise Trailer

Will Smith Is A Hatoful Agent In The Latest Spies In Disguise Trailer
So...that happened. (Image: 20th Century Fox, YouTube)

“What happens in the submarine, stays in the submarine.”

In the newest trailer for Blue Sky Studios’ Spies in Disguise, Will Smith stars as super-spy Lance Sterling, who’s mastered the art of espionage, lobster combat and applying just the right amount of pressure to the vagus nerve.

Unfortunately, he’s not prepared for young scientist Walter Becket (Tom Holland), who may be classified as a genius… but still has a ways to go with the super spy technology he’s developing. His latest experiment — to turn someone invisible — goes awry after Lance recklessly drinks it to test it out. Only it doesn’t make him invisible.

It turns him into a pigeon.

I’m not quite sure how “invisibility” equates to “talking pigeon,” but apparently this magic combo of physical trauma and Hatoful Boyfriend makes Lance the perfect secret agent to find and apprehend the bureau’s latest target. With the help of Walter, of course. After all, no one would suspect a bird, especially a pigeon, considering they’re just about everywhere.

Spies in Disguise arrives in theatres this Christmas. Now all that’s left for them to do is make a dating sim, Colonel Sanders-style, where you date Will Smith as a pigeon. I swear that would make this the movie of the year.