Updates From The Matrix 4, Crisis On Infinite Earths And More

Updates From The Matrix 4, Crisis On Infinite Earths And More
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Production has wrapped on the Quiet Place sequel. Ruben Fleischer teases the zombie types of Zombieland: Double Tap. Keanu Reeves teases the plans for Matrix 4. Plus, get another spooky glimpse of the CW’s Nancy Drew, and more familiar faces could return for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Spoilers, away!


According to Variety, Kirby Howell-Baptiste (The Good Place, Killing Eve) has joined the cast of Cruella in a currently undisclosed role.

Black Widow

David Harbour has wrapped filming on Black Widow.

A Quiet Place 2

Production has also officially wrapped on A Quiet Place 2, according to director John Krasinski on Twitter.

The Matrix 4

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight before a special screening of his sister’s new movie, Semper Fi, Keanu Reeves described the script for the fourth Matrix movie as “very ambitious — as it should be.”

Castle Freak

Meanwhile, Barbara Crampton stated the upcoming Castle Freak remake would be better described as a “reimagining” in a recent interview with Movie Web.

First of all, it’s not a remake, it’s a reimagining. I only say that because I just want people to know the story is completely different. We have a completely different premise for the story. The characters are all different. There are a few similarities. There is a freak. There is a castle. There is a character named Rebecca and there’s a character named John, but who they are and their relationship is completely different, and we have a whole new cast of characters.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap

Speaking with Fandango, director Ruben Fleischer revealed the film’s zombies can be divided into four categories: Homers, Ninjas, Hawkings and the newly-evolved T-800s.

I think our heroes are a little complacent because the zombies don’t present much of a challenge anymore. They’ve started to categorise them into different groups. There’s ones that they call Homers, who are kind of the dumber zombies. There are the Ninjas who are a little bit more crafty and they might sneak up on you. And then there’s the Hawkings, who are smarter zombies.

There’s a new kind of zombie that they haven’t met before called a T-800, a name for the infamous Terminator. These T-800s are much more dangerous, threatening form of zombie. For the first time, I think our heroes feel like they’re in true jeopardy because of this newly evolved form of zombie.

Elsewhere, Bloody-Disgusting has a gallery of character posters. Click through to see the rest.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

In an article discussing Michael Rosenbaum’s reticence to reprise his role as Lex Luthor for Crisis on Infinite Earths, Deadline reports Lynda Carter may “return as some version of Wonder Woman” instead of her Supergirl character, former president Olivia Marsdin.

Katy Keene

Deadline also reports Broadway performer Daphne Rubin-Vega has joined the cast of the CW’s musical Riverdale spinoff as Luisa, a former Rockette and “doting mother” of Katy’s roommate, Jorge/Ginger, who now owns a bodega in Washington Heights.

The Walking Dead

In conversation with Variety, Jeffrey Dean Morgan stated he believes The Walking Dead has “another three years” of material before it’s “run into the ground.”

You don’t want to run it into the ground. Me personally, I’d say let’s go out on top. Let’s go out still being the number one show in the world. Whether or not that happens, I don’t know. I think if we just stuck with the comic book, we’ve still got another three years. We do deviate a lot, but I think there’s probably a good three years of material there.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The Superior Spider-Man meets Venom in the synopsis for his October 14 episode, “Superior”.

Superior Spider-Man must face his most challenging opponent yet when Venom escapes from stasis and attacks Midtown High.

[Spoiler TV]

Nancy Drew

Three short trailers for the CW’s Nancy Drew highlight its spooky tone.

American Horror Story: 1984

Finally, Ray appears to be grievously wounded after falling into a punji trap in the trailer for “Slashdance”, next week’s episode of American Horror Story: 1984.

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