Uni Students Build A Car That Uses As Much Energy As Your Nan’s Kettle

Uni Students Build A Car That Uses As Much Energy As Your Nan’s Kettle
Image: Supplied (Sally Tsoutas)

Students at Western Sydney University have built a spaceship-looking car, ready to take on an upcoming 3000-kilometre race through Australia’s dessert-filled centre. The kicker? It only uses as much electricity as a household kettle.

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Western Sydney University’s 22-person Solar Car Team have spent the past 12 months designing, building and promoting their entrance, UNLIMITED 3.0, in the upcoming 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Built with a custom carbon fibre shell and bespoke battery pack, Max Mammone, the team’s manager, said “it’s optimised with highly efficient solar cells… using the same amount of energy as a household kettle.”

The 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge pits university and high school teams from more than 30 countries against each other in a 3000-kilometre, five-day race from Darwin to Adelaide.

It’s the fourth time WSU’s Solar Car Team will be entering the Challenger Class, which requires teams to produce a single-seat solar car designed to be the fastest. Four students from the team will take turns driving the UNLIMITED 3.0 across Australia’s outback on nine-hour runs over the course of five days in October.

Image: World Solar Challenge

The 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will run between 13 and 20 October and starts in Darwin and finishes in Adelaide’s Victoria Square.

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