Thunderbirds Are Go With A New Line Of Collectibles

The Tracy brothers stand ready to rescue the world in a gorgeous new poster. (Image: Henrik Sahlstrom, Vice Press)

Finding good collectibles for even the most recent pop culture properties can sometimes be a struggle — so if a show came out, say, over 50 years ago, things get exponentially tougher. Which is why Vice Press’ new deal to release merchandise based on the work of Gerry Anderson is so exciting.

Anderson was one of the most prolific television producers of his time, famous for his “supermarionation” puppet shows: wildly imaginative and technically advanced genre series like Fireball XL5, Stingray, and Captain Scarlet. But that was the 1960s and 1970s. Who remembers those properties?

Vice Press does, which is why it’s making fine art posters and pins based on some of Anderson’s most famous works, starting with Thunderbirds, which followed the adventures of International Rescue, a near-future service operated by the Tracy family, that battled everything from natural disaster to sinister crime syndicate the Hood; and Space: 1999, a sci-fi survival epic that followed the survivors of a moon base after a nuclear waste accident explosively catapults the moon out of Earth’s orbit and into the unknown.

All of the below will go on sale September 30 at Vice Press’s website, but we're excited to reveal them now.

Thunderbirds, a 50 x 70 cm fine art print, in an edition of 175. (Image: Henrik Sahlstrom, Vice Press)
Space: 1999, also a 50 x 70 cm fine art print, in an edition of 175, and it’s on foil. (Image: Raid71, Vice Press)
Thunderbirds, a 50 x 70 cm fine art print, in an edition of 175. (Image: Jake Lynch, Vice Press)

Finally, for those who can’t get that iconic countdown from Thunderbirds’ opening credits out of their heads, there are some sweet arse pins, designed by Florey, based on all five of the Tracy brothers’ International Rescue ships:

Image: Florey, Vice Press
Thunderbirds are go! (Image: Florey, Vice Press)

Again, all of this goes on sale September 30 at Vice Press. Head there for more info.

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