The New York Times Is Tracking Bestselling Graphic Novels Again

The New York Times Is Tracking Bestselling Graphic Novels Again

Two years after removing the Graphic Novels Best-Sellers Lists, the New York Times has announced it will be tracking sales of graphic novels again — largely thanks to audience demand and increased sales within comic books, manga, and other similar works.

In a press release, the newspaper shared that it’s going to start tracking graphic novels in print and digital issues of the paper after eliminating the category in February 2017.

The New York Times had previously introduced the list as an “experiment,” running it for eight years, but then removed it to make room for other content. The newspaper did continue to cover graphic novels — including that one time it spoiled the Batman and Catwoman wedding issue.

The paper is citing “reader interest and market strength” for the reinstatement, but is still changing things up a bit. Instead of having separate categories for hardcover, paperback, or manga graphic novels, they will now be combined into one Graphic Books list. This may narrow the list of graphic novels that end up being able to call themselves New York Times Bestsellers, but it’s better than not having it at all.

The New York Times will start publishing the monthly lists online on October 3. The print issue will see them return on October 21.