The Good Place’s Final Season Begins With This New Web Series

The Good Place’s Final Season Begins With This New Web Series

In its fourth and final season, The Good Place will put the fate of humanity in Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason’s hands with a grand experiment that pits them against the forces of evil living in the Bad Place.

It all boils down to The Good Place’s heroes needing to prove to Judge Gen that they’re capable of turning four people selected by agents from the Bad Place into better versions of themselves over the course of a year. Rather than incorporating some of the finer decision-making aspects of this plot line into The Good Place’s final season, NBC’s instead launched The Good Place Presents: The Selection, a six-episode web series that follows as Shawn and the other Bad Place demons as they ultimately decide on who to select for Judge Gen’s experiment.

The Good Place's Moral Message Changed As Much As The Characters Did

It wasn’t just the characters who needed to learn what it meant to be good on NBC’s The Good Place, it was the show itself. The creator of the moral philosophy series recently explained how the show went through its own metamorphosis — coming to the conclusion that being good isn’t so much about doing, but trying.

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As easy as it would be for the demons to cheat, Gen’s quite clear that whoever the demons pick has to be more or less on the same moral footing as Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason were when they were first introduced — meaning that the demons can’t stack the cards in their favour by, say, picking outright monsters.

All six episodes of The Good Place Presents: The Selection are now available on NBC’s website (although you may need a VPN to access them) and The Good Place’s fourth season premieres on September 27 on Netflix in Australia.