Stop What You’re Doing And Upgrade To iOS 13.1 And iPadOS Today

Stop What You’re Doing And Upgrade To iOS 13.1 And iPadOS Today

Apple just dropped iOS 13.1, and while these iterative versions tend not to be as fun as the big numbered ones, you should update your phone right now.

iOS 13, Apple said, would be a lot of fun. There’s dark mode, some map stuff, a few new privacy protections. But what Apple didn’t tell you was that iOS 13 shipped with a ton of terrible bugs. Apps would crash. Phones would freeze. Quite ironically, those privacy updates would actually protect users less.

Enter iOS 13.1. Apple fast-tracked this update, which was originally scheduled for September 30, after backlash over the bugs and privacy oopsies. The new version of iOS also enables the powers of Apple’s new U1 chip, which adds compatibility with the ultra-wideband communication protocol to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. (Long story short, this Bluetooth-like technology will help new iPhones hyper-locate other new iPhones.)

Also dropping today is iPadOS, Apple’s mobile operating system that’s specifically tailored for its line of tablets. It should bring some quality of life improvements for users who find themselves using their tablet as a primary device.

But seriously, the big deal is the iOS bug-fixing. Apple used to be famous for keeping its software in beta until almost all the bugs were worked out. We were such dorks back then.