Stan’s Got A Stack Of Creepy Horror Flicks To Binge This Halloween

Stan’s Got A Stack Of Creepy Horror Flicks To Binge This Halloween

For most, watching horror movies has always been a carefully toed line between ‘this is fine, I’m not at all fazed by these inexplicable paranormal events’ to ‘oh no the chances of me screaming in fear are significantly higher than my average day-to-day risk’.

But they’re spooky and fun!

Prepare your jittery body for some authentic horror frights on Stan for Halloween.

Will you scream bloody murder and destroy your relationship with your neighbours? Potentially. Add into the mix that it’s officially spooky season now — will you fall for every single jump scare? Yep, it’s entirely possible.

But maybe you’re okay with that, so here’s a bunch of films on Stan that you can binge on Halloween in order to shrivel up your insides in fear — if that floats your boat.

The Classic Binge

These are the staples of horror bingeing if you ask me. The classics — the ones you can turn back to (but don’t turn your back on them because that’s creepy) any time you’re in need of a climb-the-walls-terrifying good time, full of fear and nostalgic spoops.

In all seriousness, these bad boys may not be as scary as they used to be, but they’re still so well done that you’ll fall for the jump scares every time. And I’m betting that creepy lil’ Chuckie is still a massively contributing factor to why a whole bunch of people don’t want kids, so that’s great.

The Paranormal Binge

Ghosts, demons and basically anything that could possess you is a big ol’ NOPE, but on Halloween I guess we can make an exception. Paranormal flicks can be freaky because your misguided brain thinks that you could ABSOLUTELY be able to fight off a home invader, but demons? Demons are tricky.

As someone who’s only ever made it through three quarters of the film Insidious, it is my Halloween pledge to you that I will make it all the way through to the end without having to go for a scared wee break. And we all know you can’t break the Halloween oaths — not worth the risk.

The Comedy Horror Binge

Sure, they might not be quite as traditionally scary as their counterparts, but if you’re planning on binge-watching with an absolute chicken, you might want to consider watching something with an added element of comedy to keep them keen. Laughter in between the lunacy, you know?

Yes, I know that Ash Vs. Evil Dead is technically a TV show, but it still absolutely counts. I’m also well aware that two entries from the Evil Dead franchise made it on this list too, and I stand by it because frankly Army of Darkness is a cult classic and a must-watch.

So there you have it, 15 fearsome flicks that’ll absolutely set your Halloween off with a bang. Just make sure you leave one of the lights on so you don’t get too spooked.

And even if you’re a chicken, it’s worth giving it a red hot crack. You don’t have to dive straight into a gory bloodfest on your first go — we’re not that mean.

Whatever you decide to watch, you should definitely make the most of the spookiest day of September. Besides, whatever you don’t watch then, you can always roll on over to Halloween next month.

The spooks just don’t quit.