Shit Name, But The Slofie Actually Rules

Shit Name, But The Slofie Actually Rules
Image: Gizmodo Australia

Apple announced its range of iPhone 11 devices today and among the new features is a front-facing slo-mo mode the company has been given the term “slofie” – a slo-motion selfie ” by Apple.

And look, I get that the whole “slofie” thing is a little bit of a cringe, but after giving it a go at the event in Cupertino today, I gotta tell ya, it actually whips ass.

The feature functions almost identically to how it currently does on the rear cameras, only you get that sweet, sweet front view of your own noggin as you wave your head around and slow it down. I don’t really know how this will affect the kind of slo-mo content people will make, but I can only assume it’ll get… creative.

I’ll be honest, when I saw the reveal, I didn’t really think much of it. How could simply slapping some slo-mo functionality to the front of the phone change much at all? I’m not even completely sure how, but it absolutely does. There’s just something wholesome about it, like we’ve only had access to half of slo-mo’s glory this whole time and we’ve suddenly unlocked the rest.

You may not share the same enthusiasm for the slofie as I do, but think about the facial expressions you could capture with this. Even normal facial expressions in slow motion are hilarious, let alone someone getting the piss scared out of them. Having access to this on the front camera only enhances the opportunities.

And sure, it could end up like the original slo-mo mode ” as in, it gets used by absolutely everyone for about a month and becomes a for-the-right-occasion-only kinda deal – but I think it has the potential to be hilarious in the long term. Here’s a short list of things I’d like to see captured in front-facing slo-mo:

    Entering a mosh pit

    Doing a very good strut

    Riding a bike off a jump

    Entering a surprise party with the unaware guest

    Eating a very hot chilli

You can’t tell me those things wouldn’t be glorious in slow motion. Bring on the slofie (possibly with a rebranded name), I say.