Raising Dion’s Epic First Trailer Is About A Mother And Son Against The World

Raising Dion’s Epic First Trailer Is About A Mother And Son Against The World

Four years ago, writer Dennis Liu Jason Piperberg’s comic book Raising Dion began telling the story of a single black mother doing everything she could to raise her son while also keeping his newly-manifested superpowers a secret from the world. Now, the book’s been adapted into a live-action film produced by and starring Michael B. Jordan, and Netflix has just dropped the first trailer for it.

While we knew that Raising Dion was being adapted into a series, it seems as if production on the project moved as quickly as Dion’s powers began manifesting.

The trailer introduces us to Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), who’s still grieving the death of her husband (played by Jordan) who always told her that their son Dion (Ja’siah Young) would grow up to be special. Nicole’s certain that her late husband was more than right, but she’s still alarmed when Dion begins spontaneously teleporting and moving things with his mind—powers they both find wondrous and potentially dangerous.

Because of Dion’s age, he has difficulty understanding and controlling his powers, and Nicole’s unsure of what to do for obvious reasons. But once it becomes clear that Dion’s abilities make him the target of people who want to capture and study him, Nicole springs into action and gets ready for the fight of her life.

Impressive as the trailer is, what’s most surprising is the announcement date that’s come along with it because it really seems as if the movie kind of snuck up out of no where with no warning. But who doesn’t love a surprise?

Raising Dion hits Netflix on October 4.