Of Course Some iPhone 11 Benchmarks Have Leaked

Of Course Some iPhone 11 Benchmarks Have Leaked
Celje, Slovenia - October 07, 2018: Woman holding new iPhone XS smartphone (with protective VRS design case, 5.8 inch Retina display, silver color version with 256 GB memory) in her hand over the note pad.

We’re a week away from the iPhone 11 launch, which is the perfect time for some last minute leaks.

And hey, it’s par for the course at this point, right? Even Apple leaked last year’s lineup mere hours before their unveiling.

This time around its some alleged benchmarks, and they sure are interesting.

The CPU stats of what is believed to be the iPhone 11 has shown up on Geekbench. It’s labelled as ‘iPhone 12.1’ which according to 9to5Mac, is the successor of the iPhone XR.

The results show that the new ‘budget’ iPhone will have 4GB RAM, which is a 1GB bump from the 2018 model.

It also reveals a 5415 score report for single-core and 11294 for multi-core.

If true, it means the baby iPhone 11 will be 12 per cent faster at single core tasks compared to last year. The multi-core results are much the same, potentially meaning that Apple’s A13 chip will have six cores like its predecessor.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that different models of the same phone can pull different Gekkbench results. Plus, these could also turn out to be fake.

We won’t know for sure until next week, though it won’t be surprising if more leaks spring up between now and then.