Now That You've Recovered From It Chapter Two, Here's A New Clown To Invade Your Nightmares

On second thought, I’ll skip dessert. (Image: YouTube)

In Justin Harding’s horror short Kookie, the only thing a little girl loves more than scary movies are the forbidden treats her mum keeps within tantalisingly close reach in their kitchen. These paths twist together when Mum sets up a new cookie jar that’s terrifying in every possible way.

Strong performances (especially Ava Jamieson as the tough-talking li’l sugar-addicted zombie fan) and a compact yet perfectly-paced story make Kookie a screamingly good time — though the real winner is that cookie jar prop. I mean LOOK AT IT.

Kookie comes courtesy of horror-centric YouTube channel Alter, definitely a place to visit for regular doses of spooky shorts; you can learn more about the making of Kookie at the film’s website.

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